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Testimony from the director of the Bellevue retirement home in Decazeville

‘Exhale has significantly improved our comfort in both summer and winter and also solved our low ceiling problem thanks to its 18cm thickness.’

The problem, air flow and ceiling height :

The Bellevue retirement home We started thinking about installing ceiling fans when the new RE2020 regulations came into force. The residents were complaining about the unidirectional airflow from their ducted units. There was also the problem of low ceiling height, which meant that ceiling fans had to be installed in compliance with the regulatory product standard NF EN CEI 60335-2-80, which requires a blade height of 2.30 m.

Our solution:

The Exhale ceiling fan solution was recommended for the following reasons:

  • Ceiling height with a thickness of 18cm only.
  • Suitable for living spaces: thanks to its unique operation, leaves and hair don’t fly around (no directional flow, unlike a conventional bladed fan). The absence of rotating blades also helps to keep people focused.
  • Summer comfort with an air speed that is gentle and even for the residents.
Exhale bladeless ceiling fan installed in retirement homes for the comfort of residents
Exhale ceiling fans in retirement homes to improve air flow
Exhale ceiling fan for rooms in a retirement home with low ceilings

This equipment is perfectly suited to rooms occupied by elderly people, as the Exhale ceiling fan diffuses the air at 360 degrees. The air glides along the ceiling (vortex effect, drawing in air from below), avoiding any sensation of cold draughts for the occupants.

It is also of interest in winter at low speed, where it evens out the air in the room.

The advantage of Exhale fans in retirement homes also lies in their silent operation, with no blades rubbing against the air.

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