Tertiary sector solutions: improving ventilation in your restaurants

Testimonial from the Bistro B restaurant in Lyon’s 6th arrondissement:

“Following the refurbishment of my restaurant, I installed a high-performance reversible air-conditioning system located mid-floor between the downstairs dining room and the mezzanine dining room. After a few months in business, I noticed that the temperature differences between the top and bottom of my dining room were too great in winter, and that it was uncomfortable during the summer months. I didn’t want to add another air conditioning unit because I have limited electrical power. The Exhale ceiling fan met my expectations while adding a touch of design.”

The problem: distributing heat around the room in winter

Given the configuration of the dining room, in winter the restaurant suffered from a very uneven distribution of heat (cold at the bottom and hot, even suffocating, on the mezzanine level). In summer, the south-facing bay window created an uncomfortable operating temperature for customers during service.

Our solution:

Using the Exhale fan in conjunction with an air conditioning unit (see blog post: Ceiling fan and air conditioning: a marriage made in heaven) enabled the restaurant owner to even out the temperature in winter, by distributing the heat more evenly.
In summer, the ceiling fan reduced the perceived temperature by increasing air speed, while keeping the electricity bill under control (Exhale consumption between 4 and 50 watts).

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