Samarat with LED

The high-quality, silent, ultra-flat ceiling fan
(only 18.5 cm under the blades)

High-performance and affordable

The SAMARAT ceiling fan has been specially designed to meet the requirements of the RE2020 in terms of summer comfort for schools, collective housing, detached houses, public buildings, etc:

  • It is ultra-flat (18.5 cm under the blades) to comply with the AFNOR standard on minimum height under the blades (2.30 m).
  • It has a very high air flow rate of 11,882 m3/h for a relatively low power consumption (43 watts) and therefore an excellent energy efficiency of 280 to 962 m3/wh, which means that the DH in the RE2020 engine can be greatly reduced.
  • It is also justified, which makes it all the more valuable in the RE2020 calculation engine.
  • It has a lifetime (parts) warranty! (Not just the engine).
  • It has an independent LED light (hot & cold 1500 Lumen).
  • It comes with a remote control.
  • It offers a range of options: fixed wall-mounted remote controls (RF) with batteries or 220 volts / rods (ball joints) of different sizes (30/40, 40/60, 60/90, 90/110 cm).

LED and direction of rotation

The LED light is independent of the ventilation. In the event of a fault, the LED is interchangeable. The LED light can be either warm (3K yellow), cool (6K white) or switched off. The direction of rotation can of course be reversed (DC motor), so you can enjoy the benefits of the ceiling fan in summer comfort mode (cooling) and in winter comfort mode (diffusion of heat accumulated on the ceiling).

Reasons to choose a Samarat ceiling fan

  • Design: with its modern design, it blends easily into any interior and revives the style of the colonial ceiling fan.
  • Destratifiers: warm air stagnating on the ceiling is returned to the floor, optimising the efficiency of heating appliances.
  • Saves energy: the ceiling fan balances floor-to-ceiling temperatures in winter, delaying the need for air conditioning. So it saves energy all year round.
  • Silent: with its brushless DC motor, it’s easy to forget.
  • Economical & reliable BLDC motor: The SAMARAT fan has a BLDC motor (BRUSHLESS DC motor). BLDC motors are reliable, efficient and compact, despite their high power and low power consumption.
  • Ultra-flat: Even with a low ceiling of 2.50 m, you’ll stay above the 2.30 m mark under the blades. Standard NF EN CEI 60335-2-80 recommends a minimum height between the ground and the blades of 2.30m.

Ultra Flat: Height under blades 18.50 cm

More information on AFNOR standard; minimum height under blades at 2.30 m.

Technical specifications

Dimensions: Height 20 cm (18.5 cm under blades)
Diameter: 132 cm
Weight: 5.8 kg
Colour: matt white
Volume of air mixed: 11882 m3/h
Warranty (parts): lifetime
Power consumption: 5 to 43 Watts (at maximum speed)
Remote control: RF 6 speeds
Volume: 27 to 35 dB
Energy efficiency: 280 to 962 m3/Wh
Motor: BLDC (brushless DC motor)
LED light: yes (hot & cold) 1500 Lumen


Fan speedRPMAir flow rate (m3/h)Decibels (dB)Power consumption (W)

At just 18.5 cm thick BELOW THE BLADES, the SAMARAT fan is the only fan with blades that complies with the NF EN IEC 60335-2-80 standard for ceilings 2.50 m high. The standard recommends a minimum height between floor and blades of 2.30 m for the safety of occupants.

Rods and remote controls

We offer 5 types of rods:

  • 30 to 40 cm extendable and reclining.
  • 30 to 40 cm extendable and non-reclining.
  • 40 to 60 cm extendable and non-reclining.
  • 60 to 90 cm extendable and non-reclining.
  • 90 to 110 cm extendable and non-reclining.

We also offer 2 types of wall-mounted remote control that can control several fans in the same room:

  • Battery-powered.
  • Wired (220 volts).

RF remote controls

Standard remote control

Optional wall-mounted remote control (batteries or 220 volts)

Valued in the RE2020

Ceiling fans are a simple and economical way of reducing discomfort in summer. They are highly valued in the RE2020 (summer comfort).
In zones H3 and H2D, ceiling fans are virtually indispensable if the building is to be RE2020 certified.

Decibel scale according to BruitParif

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