Izyfan (diam 152)

The silent, high-quality ceiling fan.
With ball joint, 23 to 36 cm under blades (depending on shaft)

High-performance and economical

The ceiling fan that’s both quiet and economical, with excellent performance in terms of air speed thanks to its profiled blades and integrated ball joint*.

Very high air flow:

  • Profiled ABS blades with a diameter of 152cm to cover a floor area of between 12 and 13m2.
  • Air flow of 13 226m3/h
  • Integral ball-and-socket joint to improve air velocity under its periphery by +/- 20%.

Brushless DC motor:

  • The DC motor reverses the direction of rotation of the blades, enabling winter comfort operation (destratification).
  • The brushless DC motor keeps fan noise to a minimum.


The performance of the Izyfan means that the number of ceiling fans can be limited to smaller fans with diameters of 90, 120 and 132 cm. Ideal for public buildings or schools.

*The ball-and-socket joint allows the slope to be corrected if necessary (sloping ceiling). 12 and 25 cm rods as standard.

Influence of blade size

      (Samarat) (Izyfan)
Blade diameter 90 cm 122 cm 132 cm 152 cm
Area of influence 4,94 m2 8,69 m2 10,18 m2 13,5 m2

Direction of rotation

The direction of rotation can of course be reversed (DC motor), so you can enjoy the benefits of the ceiling fan in summer comfort mode (cooling) and in winter comfort mode (diffusion of heat accumulated in the ceiling).

Nursery with Izyfan

izyfan classroom fan

Classroom with Izyfan fan

Izyfan fan in the tertiary sector

Technical specifications

Diameter: 152 cm
Weight: 5.8 kg
Motor: DC (direct current) brushless
Colour: matt white
Led light: optional
Volume of air mixed: 13 226 m3/h
Type of blades: 3 profiled ABS blades
Power consumption: 5.4 to 36.7 watts (at maximum speed)
Remote control*: RF 6 speeds
Sound volume: from 31.6 to 42.9 db (acoustic power)
Energy efficiency: from 360.38 to 1370.2 m3/Wh
Warranty (parts): lifetime

*Rooms with several ceiling fans (where applicable):
To ensure that the remote controls are properly synchronised, each room with several fans will be fitted with either a circuit breaker, a fuse, a switch or a junction box dedicated to all the fans in the same room.

RF remote controls

Standard remote control

Optional wall-mounted remote control (batteries or 220 volts)

  • All remote controls can be configured to control up to 7 fans.
  • 2 remote controls possible per fan
  • Can be controlled by a light switch (last selected speed stored)

Optional LED light

Izyfan fan with LED light ON
Izyfan fan with LED light OFF

Length of rods depending on ceiling height

Available in 2 stem lengths of 12 & 25 cm.

  • Short 12 cm for low ceilings (thickness under blades 23 cm).
  • Average 25 cm for higher or sloping ceilings (thickness under blades 23 cm).


Izyfan fan with LED light OFF

Valued in the RE2020

Ceiling fans are a simple and economical way of reducing discomfort in summer. They are highly valued in the RE2020 (summer comfort).
In zones H3 and H2D, fans are virtually indispensable if the building is to be RE2020 certified.

Recommendations in the BRISE report (page 59) concerning the technical characteristics of a ceiling fan

Extract from the BRISE report

“In order to guarantee the overall performance and durability of ceiling mounted fans (BAP), their selection should simultaneously meet the current requirements for small models (diameter less than 1.80 m):

  • Minimum diameter of 132 cm
  • 3 minimum operating speeds (DC ceiling fans generally have 5 or 6)
  • Maximum motor power ≤ 70W for AC ceiling fan models and ≤ 30 W for DC models (DC motors should of course be preferred) for models with diameters ≤ 180 cm. For larger diameters, only the Wh/m3 efficiency criterion needs to be met;
  • Power demand at standstill < 0.2W;
  • Careful layout (see parts 7 and 9) of the fans, taking into account various constraints, some of which are listed below:
    • installation at a distance from the ceiling (headroom) corresponding to the manufacturer’s recommendations. This clearance height must allow the blades to benefit from a space that allows the air to be drawn in efficiently above the plane of rotation, i.e. a flow with low pressure drops and no turbulence, and therefore a high downflow. This clearance height is generally 30 cm for small or medium diameter ceiling fans (less than 1.60 m) (editor’s note: this is the case for the IZYFAN) and is greater for large and, a fortiori, very large diameter models. Some fan models operate satisfactorily with a headroom of 20 cm. They are therefore particularly well suited to spaces with a ceiling height of 2.50 m (Editor’s note: this is the case for the SAMARAT models).
    • ceiling fans are installed vertically at a height that does not present a risk to occupants, which generally corresponds to a rotation plane more than 2.30 m above the finished floor;
    • In rooms with very high ceilings but modest dimensions, particularly in the residential sector (e.g. double height or mezzanine crawl space), care should be taken to adapt the fan support rods so that the plane of rotation is not more than 3.0 m above floor level, provided that the diameter of the air fans is modest;
  • “Comfort surface” (which represents the surface for which the ceiling fan guarantees an air speed over the occupant of more than 0.5m/second) of at least 2.27 x (D/132)^2 m2 . D being the diameter of the air fan (surface area directly swept by it);
  • Maximum sound power level of 45dB(A) at maximum speed and maximum sound power level of 35dB(A) at lowest speed;
  • Ceiling fan efficiency: >500 m3 /Wh at minimum speed and >140 m3 /Wh at maximum speed. DC BAPs will have much higher efficiencies;
  • Lighting: compatible with LEDs with colour temperature < 5400K or no lighting.
  • Mounting: compulsory ball-and-socket joint (+tube) between the ceiling support and the motor/pole assembly;
  • Safety system (installation in seismic zone 5): 3rd separate fixing point (safety harness);
  • 10-year engine warranty (some models have a lifetime warranty).

Conclusion: The IZYFAN ceiling fan model (152 cm diameter) meets all the criteria set out in the BRISE report.
For areas with low ceilings (2m50), SAMARAT flush-mounted fans (diameter 132 cm) also meet the requirements set out in the BRISE report.

We have also produced a free downloadable guide to fan sizing and layout, which you can find here:

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