The first extra-flat, silent, bladeless ceiling fan

The Exhale is a ceiling fan without blades. The Exhale has a unique operation based on 5 patents (see in the pro area).
The Exhale ceiling fan absorbs the air below it and blows it 360 degrees back into the room. The result is unique efficiency and a wider diffusion zone.
What’s more, the absence of blades considerably reduces the risk of injury, while still fitting into very low ceilings and complying with the 2.30 m under blade standard (NF EN CEI 60335-2-80).
Exhale fans are a simple, cost-effective way of reducing discomfort in the off-season and in summer. They are highly valued in the RE2020 (summer comfort).

9 reasons to choose an Exhale bladeless ceiling fan

  • Design: innovative and elegant, with a sleek, spherical shape. Invisible screws, nuts and fixings.
  • Safe: the absence of blades means there’s no risk of hitting the upper limbs.
  • Suitable for a working environment: leaves and hair don’t fly around, and the absence of rotating blades keeps people focused.
  • Optimises destratification: all occupants benefit from the same comfort conditions, thanks to a homogenised air flow.
  • Saves energy: balanced temperature in the room, in summer and winter comfort mode. Heat and cold are distributed more evenly, and the need for air conditioning is delayed until mid-season.
  • Silent: No friction between the blades and the air (brushless motor), sound volume between 27 and 40 db.
  • Frees up ceiling space: compact, with a diameter of 86.4 cm and a thickness of 18 cm including the LED (16.5 cm under the blades); ideal for low ceilings (2.5 m).
  • Comfortable lighting: in addition to integrated, dimmable LED solutions, it avoids the stroboscopic effect of paddle fans when additional lighting is used.
  • Long-term guarantee: the entire fan is guaranteed (parts) for 5 years.

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Technical specifications

Dimensions: Height 18 cm – Diameter 86.4 cm
Height under blades = 16.5 cm (the flattest on the market)
Weight: 11.4 kg
Colour: white
Operation: 6 speeds, from 120 to 312 rpm
Noise level: from 27 dB to 40 dB
Airflow volume: 6 900 m3/h
Warranty: lifetime fan, 5-year motor
Power: from 4 W (speed 1) to 50 W (speed 6)
Energy efficiency: 663 m3/Wh at speed 1
Input power: 220 V; 50 Hz; 1.5 mm2

LED option:
Warm light 3000K (WARM) – 1050 lm
Power 15 W, dimmable from 20 to 100%.

Exhale (DC motor)

Fan speedRPMAir flow (m3/h)Decibels (DB)Power consumption (W)

Exhale (technical specifications)

Generation 4.5dbWattsRevs/mnm3/h
Speed 12741202654
Speed 231,561583494
Speed 337,591984379
Speed 438,1162365219
Speed 538,7362746060
Speed 640503126900

With a thickness of only 16.5 cm BELOW THE DISCS, the Exhale fan complies with standard NF EN CEI 60335-2-80 for ceilings of 2.50m. The standard recommends a minimum height between floor and blades of 2.30 m for the safety of occupants.

Rods (for installation)

5 types of stems are available:

  • 30 to 40 cm extendable and tiltable.
  • 30 to 40 cm extendable and non-tilting.
  • 40 to 60 cm extendable and non-tilting.
  • 60 à 90 cm extendable and non-tilting.
  • 90 à 110 cm extendable and non-tilting.


RF remote controls

We also offer 2 types of wall-mounted remote controls that can control several ceiling fans in the same room:

  • Battery-operated.
  • Wired (220 volts).

Standard remote control

Optional wall-mounted remote control (batteries or 220 volts)

Valued in RE2020

Ceiling fans are a simple, economical way of reducing summer discomfort. They are highly valued in the RE2020 (summer comfort).
In zones H3 and H2D, fans are virtually indispensable if the building is to be RE2020-certified.

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Exhale Fans Europe
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Thierry Cau
Thierry Cau
13:29 13 Jun 24
Installation by a competent team supervised by Pierre IFRAH in Ile de France. Very stylish product and rather effective at first use, to be tested over time.
A.B. Töpfer
A.B. Töpfer
11:58 30 May 24
Hello,Since we moved into a new apartment and our new tenant really wanted the great fan, we immediately ordered a new Exale fan.I have to say we were and are very satisfied with it, we can only recommend this great fan, it works perfectly and also has a visual wow effect in the area where it is attached.Although I don't have any use for it, I can only recommend the fan.Contact with the company also went smoothly and very friendly.Greetings to everyone and a nice cool summer to those who already own or are purchasing this fan.
Lawrence P Woolhouse
Lawrence P Woolhouse
14:21 14 May 24
Firstly to say that the "Bladeless" ceiling fan,really does work! Even on the hottest of days / evening the Bladeless ceiling fan makes you feel much better because of the way that the room air is distributed. On most of the six speed settings it is silent, and on the fastest speed, still barely audible. and the improved comfort level is always felt. We use this brillant cooling device in the winter as well to distribute the heat from our wood burning stove that gathers on the ceiling to distribute the heat equally to all areas of the room of 50m2.Unlike full A/C that can cost €10 plus per day to cool one room the Bladeless fan running costs is measured in just a few cents per day and in my view far healthier for the planet and people.The design is great, arrived only two days after order with excellent customer service prior to order.I strongly recommend.https://exhalefans.com/#bladeless
Eric Van Cauter
Eric Van Cauter
06:36 05 Apr 24
Very good material. Installed at 5.30m on ceilingmezzanine family home with wood fireplace.Correctly reduce excess ceiling heat.Quiet, aesthetic and easy to place.Must be fixed on a completely level support to avoidfriction and sound effects. Effective equipment that I recommend.Clear instructions and effective after-sales service (replacement under warranty of defective LED lighting). - Friendly entrepreneurship.
Joseph Salem
Joseph Salem
14:02 20 Feb 24
Kenneth Niolu
Kenneth Niolu
20:27 09 Dec 23
We have 6 of them I. Our home in the desert we have run them almost continually for 5 years and never had a problem. They are so quiet and reliable.We absolutely love them. Have recommended them to friends and they all love them to
Sigmundur Joensen
Sigmundur Joensen
18:36 08 Nov 23
I had problem keeping the temperatur in our living room because the high celing. When searching for a solution on the inter I came acros Exhale fans Europe. After installing the fans the temperature has improved a lot.
Bart van Breemen
Bart van Breemen
17:12 26 Jul 22
This bladeless fan is more than worth the price, It keeps our 9 by 4.5 m living / kitchen comfortable, including during the recent heatwave, and the airflow is so steady that you don't feel the gusts of wind conventional fans come with. Couldn't be happier with it.
Valentin T.
Valentin T.
06:14 08 Jul 22
A small revolution in terms of fan / air circulator. We have equipped our production workshop in order to have constant fresh air, a real success!
18:51 31 May 22
Perfect service. Perfect good. I can only recommend this company and the exhale fans.
Patrick van Tuyn
Patrick van Tuyn
09:56 04 Jan 22
Innovative ventilation technology, efficient, silent and very comfortable
Domagoj Klepac
Domagoj Klepac
23:13 27 Sep 20
Exhale fan is the best fan I've ever felt. Due to the rather low ceiling I have, traditional fans were simply not an option, and besides, Exhale fan blows all of them out of the water on the looks alone.It produces a pleasant light breeze that feels like being outside. It's felt throughout the room without being unpleasant or focused in a single spot. I'm using it with floor/wall heating/cooling, and it's a great combination in both summer and winter months. Typically, floor cooling is of not much use during summer since cold air doesn't rise well (it cools just your feet), and I wasn't expecting to actually use it, but this fan mixes air so well and so uniformly that it's actually a superior alternative to air conditioning. It goes without saying that it's perfect for slowly moving warm air around during winter months; it's like it was made specifically for amplifying radiant heating.Fan is extremely quiet; at the lowest speed I can't tell if it's on or off unless I'm directly (about 1 m) below it. Sometimes it's hard to tell even visually, as it has only a very slight wobble and no blades to look at. The highest speed is louder, but not unpleasant.The wait after the order was significant (a few months) as I ordered gen4 before it was available. I believe this is not an issue nowdays as the current generation is in stock. The unit I received innitially was defective, it didn't respond to a signal from a remote, and they sent me a replacement motor free of charge. They were also very accommodating when my contractors misplaced the LED module before installation and sold me an extra LED module for a small fee.Regarding LED light, it works well enough, even as a reading light (at maximum brightness), although I'd personally prefer a dedicated reading light. Don't expect it to replace a big chandelier with a lot of lumens. Be aware that it won't illuminate the ceiling itself (it's a downlighter), so you can optionally combine it with indirect ceiling lights for a good effect. It will illuminate a room of up to about 20-25 m2, but especially for larger rooms, I'd use additional lights, especially near the walls. Oh, and unless you use other cold lighting in the same room for some reason, I recommend warm white version.All in all, I'm extremely satisfied with my purchase. I would not consider any other ceiling fan in the future.
Keith Gologorsky
Keith Gologorsky
16:14 15 Sep 20
Fans are fantastic. Pierre has been great to work with, the fans are super quiet, work better than can be imagined and took less than 30 minutes to install. Every person coming to our house have been amazed out how well they operate and how modern and sleek they look. Here is a pic of just 1 of the 5 we have in our house.
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Since 2015, Exhale Fans ceiling fans have been sold worldwide.

There are 4 main markets in Europe

  • End-users for apartments & houses (bedrooms, living rooms…)
  • Public buildings (crèches, schools, colleges, etc.)
  • Private buildings (offices, hotels, retirement homes)
  • Real estate development (renovation and construction (RE2020).

End consumers

Public buildings

Private buildings

Real estate development

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Our customers equipped with Exhale

Winter comfort, summer comfort and 38% energy savings

A study carried out at Purdue University in the USA showed that up to 38% in heating savings could be achieved when using Exhale ceiling fans as destratifiers.

In both winter and summer, Exhale is used to complement heating or air-conditioning systems. By stirring the air, they become more efficient and effective (heat or fresh air spreads quickly and evenly to all 4 corners of the room).

How much does a 24-hour Exhale cost?

Based on a kWh cost of 0.2516€ (French electricity distributor tariff, March 2024).
Knowing that an Exhale in speed 1 (minimum / for winter comfort), consumes only 4 Watts per hour.
Knowing that an Exhale in speed 6 (maximum / for summer comfort) consumes 50 Watts per hour.
Over a 30-day month, running 24/24, it will therefore operate 24 x 30 = 720h/month.

  • At speed 1 (winter comfort), an exhale running 24/7 will consume 0,72€ of electricity per month.
  • At speed 6 (summer comfort), an exhale running 24/7 will consume 9,05€ of electricity per month.


SpeedPower consumption (W/h)Cost W/hPer day (€)Per month (€)

Decibel scale according to BruitParif

Air speed

Thanks to its 3 patents, the Exhale fan distributes a uniform air speed throughout the room, whatever your position in relation to the fan.

With a bladed fan, there’s a high intensity of air speed directly underneath (which can even be annoying in use – flying leaves and hair), but as soon as you move away, there are dead zones with no air speed.

Any questions? Please contact us!