Ventilation solutions for livestock buildings: Samarat HVLS

for large volumes 305 cm diameter

The ideal solution for very high ceilings in livestock buildings

The Samarat HVLS, with a diameter of 305 cm, is a ceiling fan designed to cover large volumes in buildings with high ceilings (> 5 metres) such as livestock buildings.

This fan has a very high airflow rate (35,000 m3/h at maximum speed), which makes it highly energy-efficient (430m3/h /Wh) and low-noise (max. 45 dB), and is designed to be durable and long-lasting, giving you years of efficient operation and energy savings.

Temperature and destratification

The Samarat HVLS ceiling fan can reduce the temperature felt in the room by up to -4°, while in winter comfort, the destratification mode evens out the temperature in the area, resulting in energy savings of around 30%.

Video Samarat HVLS

Video fan HVLS gymnasium

C2E credit for livestock buildings

The Samarat HVLS destratifier/fan is eligible for C2E credits in commercial and industrial premises with a ceiling height of more than 5 m.

Energy savings for very large volumes

Large spaces such as livestock buildings are very difficult to heat or cool. It is therefore highly advantageous to use oversized HVLS (High Volume Low Speed) fans like the Samarat HVLS 300 as a very large-volume destratifier, whether for ventilating cattle, poultry or pig buildings, for example.

This solution is not very common in Europe, unlike what we are already seeing on the other side of the Atlantic.

Savings on heating or air conditioning can be as much as 30%.

Calculating consumption

To estimate your annual consumption you can use the following formula:

Annual consumption (in kWh) = fan power × number of hours per day × number of days in use / 1,000

Testimonial – French primary health insurance fund Haute-Savoie (74)

Vincent MOINET, Head of CPAM Haute-Savoie, shares his experience following the installation of Samarat HVLS fans in his centre Caisse primaire d’assurance maladie (Primary Health Insurance Fund)

Video – Samarat HVLS installed at CPAM 74

Samarat HVLS ventilator at CPAM Haute-Savoie (74)

“The HVLS have been installed, as have the SAMARATs.
The HVLS are extremely effective over a very wide perimeter. Photos are attached.
I plan to take measurements of air speeds and temperatures.
This installation site has been a delight.”

MOINET Vincent – Head of CPAM Haute-Savoie.

Samarat HVLS ventilator at CPAM Haute-Savoie (74)
Samarat HVLS CPAM 74

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