Optimising ventilation in a sports hall: opt for our energy-saving, environmentally-friendly ceiling fans

Physical fitness is closely linked to the quality of the air we breathe. So gym managers are just as concerned about the fitness equipment they use as they are about the ventilation system they install. Among the effective options, the use of ceiling fans is gaining considerable ground as a way of reconciling training quality with respect for the environment.

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Our ceiling fans for better sports hall ventilation

Like many sports establishments, gyms are looking to improve user comfort while reducing their carbon footprint.

Good ventilation in a sports hall requires the installation of an efficient system capable of constantly renewing the ambient air while avoiding energy waste

Our ceiling fans are high-performance, easy-to-use tools for reducing customer discomfort (unpleasant odours, high heat, humidity, etc.) while keeping energy costs and budgets under control. The air in the room is kept in constant movement, both in the training areas and inside the ancillary rooms.

We have installed our ceiling fans in many different sports hall configurations:

 We have equipped :

  • Coaching Studio (92)
  • The Woodham English club
  • Nice Power Plate Centre (06)

Without blades


With blades


Samarat HVLS

The fan for large volumes


The HVLS fan for very large volumes

Why choose our ceiling fans for your gym?

  • The energy performance (in particular for the Samarat with 11,887m3/h for a consumption of 43 watts) is justified (targeted by a laboratory) thus maximising the leverage of degree hours. This translates into significant savings on the electricity bill and a significant reduction in the gym’s carbon footprint;
  • An ecological and economical solution for ensuring good ventilation in sports halls. By preventing condensation and constantly renewing the ambient air, it not only improves physical exercise conditions, but also extends the life of sports equipment that is often sensitive to humidity and heat;
  • Comfortable air mixing, particularly for the Exhale, with an indirect air flow to avoid disturbing users;
  • Compliance with safety standards (2m30 under the blades of standard NF EN CEI 60335-2-80). As our ceiling fans are ultra-flat, they are perfectly suited to particularly low ceilings (2m47-2m48 in real terms), a standard often checked by inspection bodies;
  • Service: we work hand in hand with the managers of sports halls and clubs to determine the ideal dimensions and layout, while keeping budgets under control;
  • Lifetime warranty (parts) on the Samarat and Exhale (motor, LED, remote control, etc.) demonstrates the reliability and quality of our products;
  • A French company with sales and technical support, warehousing, fan assembly, logistics (individual or large quantities) and after-sales service provided by available, responsive contacts.

The role of the ceiling fan in eliminating odours

Sports halls are often subject to strong odours due to perspiration and sometimes poor ventilation. Thanks to the ceiling fan, humidity is eliminated quickly and efficiently, preventing the proliferation of bacteria. What’s more, the fan purifies the air by eliminating any unpleasant odours thanks to the constant circulation of air in the room. This improves the olfactory perception of the area, making any experience much more pleasant, whether it’s an intensive aerobics session or some well-deserved relaxation after a good workout.

The Exhale fan ideal for gyms

The Vortex Effect

The Exhale fan features a unique Vortex effect: it draws in air from below and expels it at 360 degrees to ventilate all around the fan, not just underneath. With its high-efficiency motor and high-performance design, the high-speed airflow (quantity of air moved) is 1.5036 m3/second (or 1503 litres per second). Apart from the technical features, the main difference lies in the vortex effect generated by the appliance. During use, the air flow increases, with the major consequences of purifying the air and stabilising the room temperature. The multidirectional flow provides omnipresent ventilation throughout the room, giving all occupants a feeling of well-being. This technological innovation is a patented concept.

The benefits for clubs

Ecological and economical, the Exhale bladeless fan has it all. It is almost imperceptible, even at maximum speed, and its noise level is between 30 and 40 decibels. It’s healthy because it keeps the air in the room moving, eliminates humidity and purifies the air by eliminating unpleasant odours thanks to the constant circulation of air in the room. And this alternative to air conditioning and conventional ceiling fans saves you money (up to 38% according to an American study). The Exhale fan is a real asset for fitness clubs and municipal sports halls (judo, etc.).

Sports hall ventilation: when the choice of ceiling fan makes the difference

When it comes to ventilation for gyms, all factors count. As well as meeting strict health standards, fitness clubs also want to offer their members a healthy and pleasant atmosphere. With this in mind, choosing the right ventilation system is a real asset. To meet the specific requirements of sports halls, the introduction of a ceiling fan is the solution of choice, combining compliance with regulatory standards, energy savings and environmental protection.

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