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Local authorities, the département and the region are seeking to improve the summer comfort of classroom users (pupils and teachers) without resorting to air conditioning, which is seen as energy-consuming and not very environmentally friendly.
Our ceiling fans offer an economical, efficient and easy-to-install alternative, all without affecting the building.
Summer comfort is a key objective, with maximum room temperatures not exceeding 28°C (STD).

We equip a large number of educational establishments:

  • Crèches (notably the city of Lyon).
  • Nursery schools & dormitories (particularly in Ile de France, Bayonne, Pau…)
  • Primary schools (including Marseille, Montpellier, Toulouse, Var, Alpes Maritimes…)
  • Colleges & lycées (including the town of Orange, the Grenoble region, the Lyon region, Tarbes, Paris, Chateauroux).
  • IUT, Universities (notably Lille & Bordeaux), public schools (INP, ENSAM).

It should be noted that summer discomfort, which has extended from May to October as a result of global warming, is not limited to the Mediterranean Arc, but covers almost the entire country.
Our EXHALE ceiling fans provide a risk-free solution (no blades = no risk) that is discreet and easy to install in all types of building.
SAMARAT or IZYFAN flush ceiling fans (with ball-and-socket joint) provide good air speed, low cost and easy integration into any configuration.
What’s more, our installation and user accessories (extendable rod, remote control) make installation easier and simpler.

Summer comfort in educational establishments: ceiling fans to the rescue?

1. What is the context?

  • Hot periods are becoming more frequent and longer during the year when the students are present (from May to mid-July & from early September to late October.
  • Educational buildings designed after the Second World War are no longer suitable, creating thermal discomfort (large windows, poor insulation, little solar protection, rarely optimised orientation).
  • Thermal discomfort = deterioration in learning conditions.
  • Active solutions, such as air conditioning, are generally outlawed to improve summer comfort because they are too energy-intensive and too expensive.
  • Passive solutions do exist and are effective (high-performance brise-soleils or selective glazing), but they require work on the building and are relatively expensive.
  • Pilot Project with the City of Toulon, France

2. Ceiling fans: an operational solution for both new buildings and refurbishments

  • Perceived temperature gain in m/s (with a maximum of 3° of perceived temperature).
  • Lower installation costs (uses existing electrical installation).
  • No work on the structure of the building.
  • Low operating costs (low energy consumption).
  • Effective all year round.
  • Limited budget and easier to install than other passive solutions.
  • Coupling with other cooling solutions.

Functional ergonomics of ceiling fans – Diagrams from the BRISE ceiling fan guide (p43)

Example of ceiling fan layout in a classroom & Air speed distribution with a ceiling fan

Without blades


With blades


Videos taken at Jean Zay secondary school (13)

Our ceiling fans comply with the RE2020 standard


Height under blades: standard NF EN CEI 60335-2-80 requires a minimum height of 2.3 m between the ground and the blades.


3. Our ceiling fans: pilot projects in educational establishments to combat summer discomfort

  • General Council 13 : 10 secondary schools equipped
  • General Council 83 : 2 secondary schools equipped
  • County Council (31) : 6 secondary schools equipped
  • County Council (01) : 2 secondary schools equipped
  • County Council (34) : 1 secondary school equipped
  • Grand Lyon (69): The whole college (G. Halimi equipped)
  • Midi Pyrénées Region : All 2 collèges equipped (Voltaire & Tournay)
  • City of Toulon (84) : 6 schools equipped for deployment in 2023-2024
  • City of Grenoble (38) : 3 schools equipped
  • City of Nice (06) : 1 university to be equipped (Carlone Campus)
  • City of Orange (84) : All 9 GS equipped (600 ceiling fans)

4. Tutorials on installation and fastening

Exhale Tutorials

Samarat Tutorials

5. Accessories: fixing rods and remote controls

2 wall-mounted remote control variants (220V wired or battery-powered).
With 1-2-4-8H programmer

5 extendable rod sizes 30 to 40 cm (reclining) / 40 to 60 / 60 to 90 / 90 to 110 cm (non-reclining)

  • One wall-mounted remote control can control up to 7 fans
  • To enable easy pairing of wall-mounted remote controls, we strongly suggest that each room is equipped with a circuit breaker, a fuse, a switch or a dedicated junction box for all the ceiling fans in that room.

Case study: Collège Gisèle Halimi (69007)

Testimonial EDEIS – Lyon :

“We were looking for a fan to complement other passive solutions. In the end, we opted for an Exhale ceiling fan because of its technology, which provides comfortable air circulation, and its safety aspect (no blades and compact).”

The problem :

  • For the Pré Gaudry secondary school in Gerland, the client, Greater Lyon, recommended alternative solutions to air conditioning, enabling it to achieve ambitious energy-saving targets.
  • Summer comfort is a key objective, with maximum temperatures in the premises not exceeding 28°C. This was verified using dynamic thermal simulation.

Our solution:

The Exhale fan solution was recommended for the following reasons:

  • Summer comfort: our ceiling fan is a good complement to the solutions implemented (thermal envelope of the building, but also double flow AHU with adiabatic module).
  • Safety: The absence of blades prevents the ceiling fan from being used as a slingshot and its thinness (18cm) avoids any risk of hitting the upper limbs (2.30m between the floor and the blades / see blog article : RE2020 : What are the blade height rules?).
  • Silent: No friction between the blades and the air (sound volume of 27 to 40 db).
  • Comfortable visual effect: avoids the stroboscopic effect of paddle fans when additional lighting is used.

Salle Collège Gisèle Halimi X3 Exhale

Salle Collège Gisèle Halimi X2 Exhale

Opio primary schools – Samarat

Opio primary schools – Samarat

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Examples of establishments equipped with Exhale and/or Samarat fans

IUT of Villeneuve D’Ascq (59) 59 Exhale

Day nurseries in Lyon (69)

Groupe Scolaire PASTEUR, Lyon (69)

installation of ceiling fans in schools

Collège Voltaire in Tarbes (65) 174 Exhale

air circulation in schools

Collège of Pré Gaudry in Lyon Gerland (69) 112 Exhale fans.

air circulation in schools

Map of schools equipped with fans

Our selection of RE2020 fans for schools


Bladeless, silent, extra flat

Samarat sans LED

High-quality, silent and ultra-flat

Izyfan ceiling fan


High-performance and economical

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