RE2020 : What is the 2020 Environmental Regulation?

The RE2020 is the latest thermal regulation for new buildings in France.

It applies from 1 January 2022 for new housing, and from 1 July 2022 for offices and educational establishments.

It has three main objectives:

  • Energy performance: reducing energy consumption and decarbonising energy.
  • Carbon performance: reducing carbon impact. We no longer speak of “thermal regulations”, but of “environmental regulations”).
  • Summer comfort performance: the aim is to guarantee summer comfort in new buildings when it is very hot.

Energy performance

The building envelope must be more efficient (requirement for bioclimatic need – Bbio – reduced by 30% compared to the previous thermal regulation, RT 2012).

Carbon-based energies will be heavily penalised: from 2022 for single-family homes, and from 2025 for collective housing.
Finally, the aim is to make renewable heat the norm, to the detriment of gas and electric heating solutions.

Carbon performance

After a transition period lasting until 2025, the aim is to achieve a 35% reduction in carbon impact compared with current construction methods by 2030. This will involve using bio-sourced materials, as well as improving the carbon performance of conventional materials.

Summer comfort performance

With the degree-hours, an indicator close to climatic reality has been created. Extreme situations are simulated (based on the 2003 heatwave), to encourage the use of passive or low-energy solutions to ensure summer comfort.

As a result, air conditioning is penalised, and solutions such as ceiling fans and heat sinks are strongly encouraged.

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RE2020 : What is the 2020 Environmental Regulation?

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