What makes the ceiling fans on our site different from the others?

Compliance with the RE2020

We offer two ceiling fans that are particularly well suited to the RE2020 :

  • Exhale, a vortex-effect bladeless ceiling fan combining design, fan comfort and safety
  • Samarat, a three-bladed ceiling fan with excellent performance in m3/Wh for the RE2020 calculation.

These two fans are suitable for standard ceiling heights, in compliance with standard NF EN CEI 60335-2-80, which specifies that “the installation instructions must indicate that the fan must be installed in such a way that the blades are more than 2.30 m above the floor”. To find out more, read the article on this subject.

What’s more, these two fans are included in the Edibatec database which is used by the main RE2020 calculation software.

Range width

In addition to our fans, which are particularly valued in RE2020, we offer 2 other products: the Samarat HVLS and the PALEHE for ceiling fans suitable for large volumes.

Direct current motor

DC ceiling fans are the most reliable on the market. They differ from the more conventional and generally low-end AC ceiling fans in the following ways.

  • Reduced energy consumption (savings of up to 70%)
  • Durability (they have no capacitors) and less sensitivity to mains cuts and micro-cuts than older-generation AC (alternating current) motors.
  • Possibility of changing the direction of rotation of the blades
  • Quiet engine
  • Greater modularity, with 6 speeds instead of the usual 3

Exhale & Samarat guarantee

For the Exhale, we provide a 5-year guarantee on the motor and a lifetime guarantee on the rest of the structure. For the Samarat, we offer a lifetime warranty on the fan.



Samarat HVLS


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What makes the ceiling fans on our site different from the others?

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